Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where are the Tripoli Apartments and what's the area like?

The Tripoli Apartments are in a quiet side street in the Ben Ashour area of Tripoli. Ben Ashour is an affluent, mostly residential neighborhood, with several foreign embassies, and some very trendy boutiques and cafes in Jraba Street and Ben Ashour Street respectively.

2. Can I buy groceries, toiletries, medicines, etc. nearby?

There are several stores within 100 m of the Apartments, including a supermarket, a grocery, a pharmacy, a drycleaner's, a pizza restaurant, a clinic, a gym, a telephone bureau, a mosque and a motorbike rental shop.

3. How far is it to downtown, the hisorical sites, the beach, the airport etc.?

Downtown i.e. Martyrs' Square, is about 3 km from the Apartments and takes less than 5 mins. by car. The main historical area of interest is the old town or Medina, with its magnificent Saraya Hamra or Red Castle and the Arch of Marcus Aurelieus. The Medina borders Martyrs' Square. The beach is about 5 km away, and takes about 5 mins. by car. Tripoli International Airport is 25 km from the city center and takes 25 mins. by car from Tripoli Apartments.

4. Is there public transport nearby?

In Tripoli, the most convenient form of transport is by private taxi, They are easily available and quite cheap, typically costing around 5 LYD. There are also minibuses or "Ivecos". These are shared taxis and travel fixed routes, but will pick you up and drop you off anywhere along their particular route. Fares are usually 0.50 LYD.

5. What about personal safety?

In general, Libya is extemely safe. Violent crimes and muggings against foreigners are very rare. Within Tripoli, Ben Ashour is one of the safer districts, and it is very unusual for visitors to have any problem. The Apartments are on the ground floor of a villa which is located on the corner between a main street and a residential side street. The outer gate of the Apartments, opens onto the side street 20 metres from the main street corner. Both the main street and the side street are paved and have street lamps. The Apartments have metal frames on all the windows and doors, for added security.There is also a nightwatchman. Having said all that, it makes sense to be cautious and use your common sense, just as you would at home. 

6. Does the owner live in the building?

Yes. The owner (yours truly) and his family, live upstairs in the same building but the Apartments have a separate entrance.

7. When is high season?

Most people think that the best time to visit Libya is from September through to May, but our prices are not affected by season.

8. Do you offer any other services, like travel agency, guided tours, car rental etc.?

At the moment we are focused on providing quality accommodation only, and don't offer any other services. However, we will be happy to point you in the right direction and advise you informally, if you wish.

9. What about additional services related to the Apartments like housekeeping, babysitting, airport transfers? .

A housekeeping service is available upon request.