Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

"What begins with a condition, ends in peace." An old Libyan proverb.

We own our properties and are not agents. This translates to a more cost-effective arrangement for all concerned, but more importantly, this also means that we care deeply about the state and upkeep of our apartments. And we would like our guests to do the same. We would prefer to have a few loyal clients who take good care of our property, than to have a large number of tenants that are careless, or lazy or disruptive.  

Thus, we promise to do our level best to make your stay  with us a comfortable and pleasant experience, and in return, expect you to do your level best in taking care of the apartment as if it were your own.

With that in mind, let us outline our main conditions and terms of service.

1. Payment
Payment is in advance and in full (including housekeeping charges), for the entire expected length of your stay. Payment may be made in Libyan dinars, Euros, or most other major currencies. Credit cards are not accepted (yet).

2. Security Deposit
A security deposit of 300 Euro, is payable in advance, and refundable on departure, provided there is no loss of, or damage to property.

3. Number of Guests
The guests named in the lease agreement are the ONLY ones who may stay in the apartment.

4. Couples
Couples will be asked to present a marriage certificate. Failure to present a marriage certificate will immediately void any booking.

5. Booking
We do not, as yet, require a booking deposit. However, if you wish to be absolutely certain of a booking, you should pay a booking deposit (equivalent to 20% of the expected rent up to a minimum of 100 Euro, whichever is higher. Failing that, you should keep us well-informed of your travel plans. Please note however, that unless you have paid a booking deposit, we cannot guarantee availability.

6. Cancellation
If you have paid to secure a booking and cancel at the last minute, i.e less than 1 week from your arrival date, you will loose your booking deposit. If you have not paid a booking deposit, then of course you loose nothing, other than your credibility, the next time you try to book with us.

7. Extension
Please note that whilst we will do our best to accommodate a guest who wishes to extend their stay with us this may not always be possible. You are only guaranteed the number of days that you have already paid for.

8. Children
Children of all ages are welcome, provided they are named in the lease agreement.

9. Arrival and Departure
Arrival and departure times are flexible and by arrangement. If your flight leaves at 9 pm, we won't demand that you leave the apartment by noon, but please bear in mind that we do need a couple of  hours to clean your studio, if another guest is arriving the same day.

10. Minimum Stay
The minimum stay is 1 week.

11. Smoking
The apartments are NON-SMOKING only.

12. Pets
Pets are allowed by prior arrangement only.

13. Eviction
We reserve the right to evict without notice or explanation anyone who does not abide by these Terms and Conditions, or who we think may be involved in disruptive, unsociable or illegal activity.

Terms and Conditions